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Advantages of an Nir spectrometer

Record time

Compared to other techniques, the NIR spectrometer allows you to obtain results in record time with unrivaled accuracy.

Simple preparation

The NIR spectrometer allows for simple preparation of analyzes because it is portable and practical.

Variety of options

The NIR spectrometer allows you to have many analysis options also visible from mobile.


What is Nir Spectroscopy?

The Nir spectrometer can be used for quantitative analysis (determination of substance concentrations), qualitative analysis (identification of raw materials, intermediate and finished products) and process control. It can provide information on moisture, protein, fat, and starch content. NIR applications vary in every industry and are custom designed to suit different companies and their specific products and needs.

The Nir Spectroscopic Technique is a system of analyzing matter based on the physical properties of the object being analyzed through its interaction with near-infrared radiation. Thanks to Nir spectroscopy it is therefore possible to have important and detailed information about the chemical composition of the sample of matter under examination. The time required to obtain the results is extremely short: from a few seconds to a few minutes, this is the reason for the extraordinary diffusion in the world of Nir spectrometers.

nir spectroscopy

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