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Project Description

Quality control of ingredients and finished feed made it affordable!

AuroraNir provides fast and accurate analysis of complete feeds and their ingredients. With the new set of accessories, you can turn AuroraNir to a benchtop instrument using different type of cuvettes, including cups already used by Foss and Unity instruments.

The instrument is supplied pre-calibrated for analysis of the following dried and ground products.

Products Sample preparation
DM Ash Protein Fat Fibre NDF ADF ADL Starch
Rapeseed meal Milled
X X X X  X  
Bran Milled  X X X X  X   X
Hay  Milled  X X X X  X X X X
Sunflower meal  Milled  X X X X  X  
Corn flour  Milled  X X X X  X   X
Low protein / High protein feeds  Milled  X X X X  X   X
Soybean meal
 Milled  X X X X  X  
TMR  Dried & milled
X X X X  X X X   X