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Sensor: InGaAs a 256 pixel con intervallo spettrale 950-1650nm
Scanning method: Riflettanza diffusa con taratura automatica
Body & case: Alluminio con finestra di lettura in zaffiro ad alta resistenza meccanica
Weight: < 2 kg
Volume: < 2l
Batteries: Lithium-ion, capacity 30Wh, over 2h continuous work
Optional: capacity 110Wh, over 8h continuous work
Computer: Incorporated in the body,
with 7” Windows touchscreen tablet
Connectivity: 2xUSB, Ethernet, WLAN, Bluetooth
Optionals: Wireless keyboard and mouse
Calibrations: Preloaded or developed by costumers. Accepts calibration from UCAL, Unscrambler, Grams


• Animal farms and feed mills

• Biogas plants

• Grain Elevators

• Agrifood


Tel: 338 8836195

Main Office
Viale dell’Industria 23/B/27
35129 Padova (PD)

Commercial partner
Hellma Italia
Via Gioacchino Murat 84,
Milano, MI 20159, 20159

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